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My New Christmas Tree

Posted by emilythecat on December 14, 2009

Yesterday my people cat brought home something very strange.  It is one of the trees from outside.  He told me why he brought it in, that it was because the holidays were coming up.  Something about the shortest day of the year coming up and where the days will get longer now.

Anyway, we celebrate this thing called Yule and we have a tree in the house.  When I poke my paw at its branches, they move around and that is fun.  It also has some little twinkly colored lights on it.  Oh yes, it also has some round, blue, and shiny cat toys hanging from it.  When I bat them with my paw they ding pretty good.  I have learned to take them off the tree so I can play with them under the furniture.

But I think that part of the holiday is that I can only play with them on the floor while the people cats are not watching.  When they see the cat toy on the floor, they use their paws to pick it up and put it back on the tree.

Well, happy Yule to you, and I have something called jingle bells to play with.  Meow!


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Posted by emilythecat on November 26, 2009

My people just told me that he was not going out hunting today because it is a holiday.  Today is Thanksgiving, and my people told me all about it. I think I understand what it is all about.

Thanksgiving is a day where we say “Thank you” to all the people and cats that need to be thanked for doing good things.  That is like when I say “Meow” when my people gives me yummy cat chow and gravy.

It is also a day where we celebrate large, flightless birds.  Our people sometimes cook a whole bird on Thanksgiving, and they give me some.  I want to try it all at one time, but they will only give me tiny pieces at one time.  I do like the bird, but I prefer the large, flightless bird that comes in a can.  Actually, what I really like is the gravy that the bird comes in.  I like yummy gravy, yes I do!

So I like Thanksgiving, because it is large, flightless bird day.  I hope there is another holiday for those fluttery birds that live outside my window, too.  Maybe there is even a cat gravy day, since I like that the best.

Time to find my yummy dish now.


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My Family

Posted by emilythecat on January 20, 2009

Well, it has been a really sunny nice couple of days.  I have been spending my time trying to snuggle with my people since it has been so cold outside.  But yesterday and today, it was really clear outside and the sun was shinng through the windows.  I especially like to sit by the back door where the sun comes through the window and makes it nice and warm.  I like the warm sun shining on me!

I have been trying to convince my people to open the door and let me soak up the sunshine out on the back deck.  It looks so nice and warm out there.  My people says I shouldn’t go out there today because it is really cold out there, but I don’t believe him.  It looks so nice and warm.  I just know it is.

My people sat around today and were watching something on TV today.  They said it was something about a new leader taking over, and that it was happening way over in the Eastern coast hunting ground.  I think he is too far away to do any good for me.  I asked my people to tell me if he does anything of interest to cats, though.  I think he will, since he types about stuff like that in his blog.

I am a part of a family.  I have always known this, ever since my people adopted me from the nice vet people.  One of them made a picture of our family for their website, and sure enough, I am really part of their family.  (That’s me on the right side, if you can’t tell.)  My people said he would put it here after he was done typing my meowing for today.  It’s time to snuggle now.  Meow!


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Posted by emilythecat on January 12, 2009

FOG by: Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)

    • The fog comes
      on little cat feet.
      It sits looking
      over harbor and city
      on silent haunches
      and then moves on.

Meow again!  Emily the Cat here.  I got up this morning from my warm snuggle spot, and I looked out the bird-o-vision front window.  Everything looked kind of hazy, and it was hard to see birds or squirrels or anything else out the window.  My lady people said that there was fog stuff outside, and that is why I could not see anything out there very well.

Then she started talking some strange stuff, and talked the poem story that my male people typed in for me.  (I don’t type real well in people language, so he helps me with my blog.)  I don’t get it.  She said that fog had something to do with the feet of cats, and I reminded her that they were paws.  Then she talked something like that the fog sits like a cat sits on the window sill.  That’s kinda silly!

Well, I’m looking at the fog and listening to my people talk about fog.  Ho hum.  I think I’ll look for a cat toy now.

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    Cat Video

    Posted by emilythecat on January 11, 2009

    I have been sitting on my people’s laptop computer lately, cuz it is pretty warm when he leaves it plugged in on his desk.  I don’t really like it when he opens it up, since it is not so flat on the table and warm anymore.  Except, when he does open it up, I get to push all of the cool buttons and sometimes they make noises!  I like doing that.

    Then my people lets me clinmb up on his shoulder where I can go to sleep.  He pets me sometimes, but sometimes he forgets and I have to scratch him to remind him to pet the cat.  I don’t have any other kitty cats to snuggle with, but sometimes  Ican snuggle and keep warm on my people cat’s shoulder.

    Anyway, I was snuggling with my people cat and his warm computer, and we found a cool video that a people made about his cat.  So I am not the only cat in the online hunting ground!  My people says you can see the cat video HERE.

    I thought all you kitty cats and people cats would like to see that, too.  Now I need to go see what’s outside again…..

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    Cool Snow

    Posted by emilythecat on January 2, 2009

    I have been looking out my window looking for birds, and there is some really wierd stuff out there.  There is some white stuff all over the outside world out there.  My people have been staying inside the last few days, and they are telling me that it is too cold and that I can’t go out and play in the white stuff.  They say it is too cold for cate, but I am Soooooo curious.

    Snow out the back bird-o-vision window.My people tells me that I can’t go explore, and I want to.  He says I have to stay inside with him!  I guess I will ahve to just stay in and play.  I do like the warm heater when it goes on, and it seems to be going on more lately.  That is very cool!

    Well, I need to go see if there is anything left in my food dish now.  Bye!

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    Meow Again

    Posted by emilythecat on July 24, 2008

    Well, it has been a long time since I remembered that my people wanted me to keep a blog for all you cats in the online hunting ground.  I am not too fond of just pictures of birds.  I do prefer real birds.

    My people was contemplating whether or not cats had a sence of humor in his blog.  I would like to tell you that I have a sense of humor, but it is sort of difficult to explain to people cats.  I guess you have to be a kitty cat to understand these things.

    It has been sunny lately, and I spend a lot of my time sitting on the window sill looking for birds to fly by.  When it gets dark outside, I still have my mousie toys to play with.

    Off to eat some more cat cereal now.  Meow to you later!


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    Snow Flurries

    Posted by emilythecat on December 11, 2007

    I have been getting ready for the Winter season lately.

    I have noticed that during the times when it is cold outside, my male person likes to watch a game that he tells me is frozen bird hockey. I did not understand at first why people would do this, so explained to me that in the Northern Hunting Ground (a place he calls “Canada”), they play a game to see how many frozen birds each group of people can get into a net using only sticks. that is something I can understand, since I like to dream of chasing birds around, too. So I sit on my sofa pillow and let him pet me while we both watch this game.

    I still like looking out the window, even though it’s cold outside. There are tree limbs moving in the wind, and the squirrel-beasts are still out with their twitching tails. But I found a new interest yesterday — snow flurries! There are just so many little snowflakes to follow around outside the window! It is like watching the wings flutter on little birds. I sat and watched the snowflakes for a long time until they stopped after a while. I hope I see those again.

    I have found a comfortable place to sit these days. My peoples have warm computer monitors that I can sit on. They are not only warm, they are also up high on the table so I can look out and see everything going on in the room as I relax. Also, I find that the people will look at me for hours on end if I sit on their monitors. I like the attention.

    The only problem is that my male people has a computer he calls a “laptop” computer, even though it is never on his lap. His computer doesn’t have a place to sit on the monitor, but it does have a warm spot with an added plus: I can sit on the buttons and push them over and over. My person doesn’t like it very much when I push the warm buttons, but I just can’t help myself sometimes. I like warm and I like pushing buttons. What can I say? Meow I say!

    Well, off for now. That small piece of plastic in the corner looks much more interesting than the blog right now.


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    Autumn Musings

    Posted by emilythecat on November 26, 2007

    Meow! Emily the cat here again. I was just reminding my people of how long it had been since he had helped me to make a blog entry. I guess he just doesn’t remember about the “lack of opposable thumbs” issue we have going here. I have tried adding to the blog myself, but the butttons on the keyboard seem to be in people talk language. So the screen seems to look more like DFSJH OswbvcSLZEB cfO ASleDFB HlSEJbf than people talk.

    Anyway, I have been just relaxing today and thinking my little kitty thoughts about everything. Today I can see out both the front and the back windows, so I will have a cats-eye view of any birds that flutter by or if any of those interesting squirrels come by. I do like to watch squirrels in the trees outside. I had told my people this morning that I wanted to go outside on the back deck to see if there were any birds out today, but my people said that it was too cold to do that. I’ve never been outside other than on the back deck or in my cat carrier, so I don’t really believe that it gets 35F worth of cold out there. It’s been warm every time I’ve ever been outside!

    Today I found a perfect spot to rest and watch out for interesting things. I am sitting on top of a computer that was left on top of a table. From here, I can see outside the window in case a squirrel comes by. Also, I am tall today, since it is so high above the floor that I can see many things. Besides, it is warm up here, and I will take a nap in a bit.

    I will try to get my person to help me post here more, perhaps every week or so. I will continue to remind him by walking across the keyboard whenever he leaves the top open on his warm laptop computer. So until next time, meow!

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    Hot Daze

    Posted by emilythecat on June 21, 2007

    Another hot, summery day. One worth sleeping through. I found a nice comfy chair and stretched waaaaaaaay out as far as I could go. It was warm and I dozed until my big people cat came home.  We went out on the patio and got some fresh air. I grazed on my yummy grass and then watched all the birds flying by. It was good.

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